Don’t forget to wrap up! – Mistress in London

Well, there it is guys! Don’t forget to wrap up warm this winter as it’s now the 2nd of November meaning the cold nights are ahead and the days will feel like they are dragging on ridiculously forever…trust me, I know exactly how irritating it can be. As a mistress in London I often find myself in situations which I would rather avoid and winter is a prime example, in fact it’s the most annoying thing about doing any outcall work you see! I love my job, I really do, but travelling in near freezing conditions is a pain in the backside and now that winter is here once again, it’s back to me resembling something close to Chewbacca off Star Wars!

However, as a mistress in London, the weather and the traffic can be really, really annoying but I love pleasing all of my clients as they are paying for a quality service so only the finest quality is what is to be expected with me. I have many fantastic mistress services London wide so simply get in touch today if you are interested at all and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you guys 🙂



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