Love Worshipping Feet? Diana Mistress is Eager to Meet You!

Love Worshipping Feet? Diana Mistress is Eager to Meet You!

Do you know my favorite pastime with my slave boys? I love having them take care of my feet! So, if you are into mistress foot worship, Diana Mistress is here for you. I cannot wait to meet you and see what you have in store for me.

Let me warn you that I am not someone who can be pleased easily. Also, I do not like to spend time with slave boys who disobey me. You have my feet and play with it as long as you promise to behave and be a good boy. I will not allow you to touch my feet if you are being naughty. I might also punish you for it and the punishments are not going to be pleasant.

If you are new to the world of fetish and foot worship, let me give you a few ideas of what you can do to satisfy me.

  • Give me a foot massage – I love getting foot massages. They are so relaxing. You must practice from home before meeting me. If you are not good at massaging my feet, I might make you kneel down and lick my boots until they are clean and shiny.
  • Paint my nails – It is really relaxing to watch my toenails being painted. You can start by giving me a pedicure and then, paint my toenails. Make sure to bring your own nail polish or I will bend you over and spank your butt cheeks so hard that you may find it difficult to sit for a few days.
  • Lick, kiss and suck my toes – The dirtier you get, the more fun for me. Take all of my toes inside your mouth at once and suck them. Lick them and make my toes wet with your saliva. I want you to kiss them passionately and show me how much my feet mean to you.

These are just a few ideas that you can come prepared with. But, whatever happens in my dungeon is always going to be a surprise. I am known to test my slaves and if you have what it takes, I will allow you to play with my feet that way you want to.

Do you want to meet me and make love to my feet? Call me. I can come to your hotel room or you can come to my in-call apartment.

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