Sexy Role Play Ideas for you to Consider

Sexy Role Play Ideas for you to Consider

Roleplay is one of the best ways to fire up your sex life. You can flirt with your sexual fantasies and bring your wettest dreams to reality. Diana Mistress in central London loves to role-play scenarios where sexual fantasies are lived through imagination and acting. Since I am a dominatrix, I am going to assume the dominant role whilst you can serve me and satiate my cravings.

Are you unsure where to start? Let me introduce you to a few common, yet tantalising role play ideas that you can experience with me.

  • Employee and boss – Role play typically relies on power dynamics, and therefore, work-based role plays have become a staple. Here, I am going to assume the role of the stern, strict and hard-working boss whilst you can be the timid employee who cannot escape from my charms. I can arrange for a table or desk where we can consummate our passion.
  • Butler and the mistress – I truly love making my subs work for me and obey my commands. This is why the classic butler and the mistress scenario is one of the favourites. You need to obey me and do as I say. Also, you might want to wear an outfit that reveals your buttocks so that I can spank them when you are not cleaning properly.
  • An erotic massage therapist – Were you dreaming about getting it hot and dirty with a massage therapist? I have the right costumes and uniforms to play the part. But, we can spice it up a bit by turning it into a tie and tease massage. I am going to tie your hands and legs using a rope or a scarf. If you are being naughty, I am also going to blindfold you and place a mouth gag. When you are lying there helpless and cannot move, I am going to tease your senses with my erotic moves. You are going to love the experience if you like being controlled by independent women.
  • A stranger – This is one of the most exciting role play scenarios where you would not know what to expect. In this fantasy role-play in central London, I am going to act like a complete stranger to you and make sure that you beg me for more. You will not know what is going to hit you.

So, give Diana Mistress a call today. Let us arrange a role play session.

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