Dominatrix Near Me

No matter how enthusiastic you are to show your love towards boobs, buttocks, lips and eyes, you would be lying to yourself if you say that you are not a tiny bit intrigued and excited to make love to beautifully soft feet. I, Diana Mistress, invite you to explore your foot fetish with me. If you are desperate to get your hands and lips on my feet and toes, I give you complete liberty to pamper and treat my feet the way you want.

Kiss My Foot and Obey Everything I Say

So, you want to worship my foot? The first thing about mistress foot worship that you have to know is that you need to submit to me. It is a game of power and remember that I am the dominant one. You will worship my feet and I will place my foot inside your mouth to make you taste me and suck on my pedicured toes. You will find me rubbing my feet all over your face, chest and down to your genital area to make you go crazy with lust. I, Diana, is one of the most experienced mistresses when it comes to foot domination and I will make you my slave by the end of our session.

Massage My Feet and Help Me Relax

Foot worship involves activities that will please a mistress like me. Behold, I am not pleased easily. You can massage my tired feet with your hands and make me forget all the tension that my feet go through. If you are good with your massage, I might even let you paint my toes and lick them.

As a foot fetish mistress, I am open to embark on an adventurous journey with you to help you explore your deepest desires and foot fetish kinks. You can worship my feet or gain pleasure from it by letting me give you the best footjob of your life. My services are offered discreetly and nobody will ever know what goes on between you and me behind closed doors. So, contact me and tell me what you like. I will make all the arrangements for you. Tell me the kind of footwear you want me to wear, if you want my feet to be covered in stockings or not. I am eager to spend an unforgettable few hours with you.