You do not have to tell that Diana Mistress is superior to you. I already know that. I am here to show you a good time, but only if you give up control and obey my commands. When you meet me, you are entering my territory and you have to leave all your masculine superiority outside my door.

If you have never been with a woman who speaks her mind and knows what she wants in bed, you are certainly in for a treat. Being a dominatrix for years, I know very well what turns me on and I never settle for anything less. It is very difficult to please me, but if you succeed, you can expect brownie points from me. When you are confronted with a woman like me, your masculine armour will go down. I am eager to prey on your vulnerabilities and show you a new kind of pleasure that you have never experienced before.

One of my popular services that men go insane over is the tie and tease escort service. This is where I assume total and absolute authority as you lay on the bed, helpless and unable to move. I will tie you using my silk scarves, leather belts or we can use handcuffs. To make things interesting, I might ask you to crouch on all fours as I tie your hands and legs against the bed stands. To truly torture you, I might even blindfold you so that you are unable to see the things I am about to do to you. Also, I do not want to give you the satisfaction of looking at my expressions whilst I am teasing and torturing you.

In order to tease you, I will make use of my fingers and softly touch you so that your senses are stimulated and aroused. I may use various tools like, leather whip, feather, flogger and so on. I might even try to put things inside your mouth or anus to scare you. Of course, you can ask me to stop, but you probably will not. You will be enjoying getting teased by me so much that you will beg me to be brutal to you. You will beg me to spank you, but I will take my time to give you the pleasure that you want.

Come to me and let me unleash my sadistic desires on you.