Diana Mistress

A little sense of humour and a wild imagination is all you need to play make-believe in your bedroom, and Diana Mistress is here to be your partner-in-crime.

I believe it is important to break the chains of monotony and routine. Life shouldn’t be lived that way, at least not when behind-closed-doors. There shouldn’t be any rules in the bedroom. There should just be an abundance of passion and kink.

Has your sex life been feeling a little dragged lately? Are you bored of making love to your partner the same way, every day? Don’t find bringing home random dates interesting anymore? – all of this can change with a fantasy role play date with Diana Mistress. Let me be your mistress for the night and I will show you the secrets of roleplaying, fetishes and kinks.

With me, you don’t need to hold yourself back. You can tell me your darkest secrets or your weirdest fantasies. You may have always fantasised about banging a hot nurse whilst she is giving you a medical examination. You might have thought of sliding your hands under the skirt of your receptionist, but held your thoughts back. It might be that you’ve had a crush on your married neighbour for the longest time and cannot hold it in anymore. It also might be that you get turned on when your female boss shouts at you or threatens to punish you.

Pour all of those feelings during fantasy role play in London with me. I can dress up as a hot nurse, sexy receptionist or a dominating employer. I can be whoever you want me to be. If it makes you hot thinking about a woman walking in heels wearing just lingerie, I can be that woman too. I assure you that my sultry looks, blonde hair and curvy body with a tight ass are what you need to feel alive again.

Why does fantasy role play seem so enticing?

The answer is simple. Roleplaying is tempting and exciting because it is new. It is something that is out of the norm. It includes the right costumes or uniforms, and might even include a script. During roleplaying sessions, two people get to be whoever they want to be. It is a chance to break all chains and live in an imaginary world where fantasies are fulfilled.

The secret behind roleplaying is spontaneity. It is always fun to go off-script and just be in the moment. Since this does not happen regularly, people seem to enjoy roleplaying and playing a character of their choice.

If you want to try fantasy role play in London, here are my helpful tips for you.

  • Figure out your fantasy – There’s no point meeting me if you are clueless about your fantasy. You need to figure out a sex scenario in your head. However, if you are a newbie, you can try the classics – picking up a stranger from a bar and heading to a hotel room, only to find that the stranger is a dominatrix. The complete change of power dynamics has always seemed to excite my clients.
  • Establish your limits – When you are roleplaying, it is important to let me know your boundaries. Inform me about how far you are willing to go, especially if we are engaging in domination-submission. I can be dreamy if my clients want light BDSM or I can turn dark for those who want the full domination experience. So, you choose your limits and I will accordingly personalise the session for you.
  • Set the scene – It is your fantasy sex scenario and I am just a character in it, even though my role is extremely important. You get to set the scene and dictate everything – from dressing to the dialogues. If you would like to set the scene yourself, I can come to your apartment or hotel suite. Alternatively, you can come to my dungeon and I will decorate my place as per your fantasy.

Fantasy roleplaying in London is one of my personal favourites. It gives me the freedom to play different characters and it is always so much fun. If you want to have an exciting time, give me a call.