I am Diana and I have what is probably the biggest collection of fantasy role playing costumes that you have ever seen. When you come to see me for fantasy role play in Central London I can be whoever you want me to be.

Do you want me to be your headmistress scolding you for the terrible things that you have just done in the playground? Just what did you do to that little girl? You deserve six of the best, and six of the best is what you will get for that.

Perhaps you would like me to be a policewoman who has just caught you for shoplifting. I will take you back to the station and put you in a cell, and there you will stay until I decide it is time to let you out. But who knows what might happen to you while you are in that cell? Dark and dreadful things can happen in a cell, you know.

Perhaps you are a hunt saboteur who has been stirring up trouble when I am out hunting. I am the Master of Foxhounds and we hunters don’t take that sort of thing lying down. I will chase you across the field on my horse and when I catch you, you are going to be in big trouble. I don’t carry this whip just to whip the horse, you know. Why do you think it is so big?

Maybe you would like me to be your boss and I am not at all satisfied with your work. Come and see me in my office. Now close the door……….!

Fantasy role play can be great fun and very erotic. We can act out your deepest fantasies and make them come to life so that they are no longer fantasies, but they are real. It doesn’t matter what you want to be or to have me do: as far as I am concerned I am Diana and I am the best escort there is: there are no holds barred with me.

You simply tell me what it is that you want to be and what you want to do and I will make sure that it comes true. My deepest pleasure is to provide you with your deepest pleasure, no matter what that may be. Come see Diana for the erotic experience of your lifetime.