I am Diana Mistress and I love to indulge in fetishes of all sorts. Fetishes are really anything that turns you on, such as feet. Very many people have a foot fetish where they like to worship the foot of another, or where they like to have their own feet loved. Just take a look at how beautiful I really am, and then imagine me sucking your toes. Imagine what I can do with my own dainty feet too, on any part of your body – and I do mean any part. Whatever turns you on! Of course, it works the other way around too: you may want to worship my feet and I have to say that I love that.


Maybe you are a “looner”. You don’t know what that is? We blow up some balloons, and then we pop them. It’s the anticipation of the popping that makes people go for it – not knowing exactly when the balloon will be popped.


Then, of course, there is PVC and rubber. Oh yes, my wardrobe has a huge collection of PVC, latex, and rubber wear for your fetish in London. Imagine seeing me in nothing but a glossy rubber corset, or dressed in some of my latex wear. There is no need to be shy, because I make no judgments and it is my pleasure to give you pleasure. Call me before you make an appointment and we can discuss exactly what sort of fetish turns you on and what you want me to do. For the whole of your time with me I am yours and I will do whatever you wish.


Maybe you are into sploshing or WAM. (That’s Wet and Messy). Some people just love to be covered from head to toe in wet and messy substances such as whipped cream, raw eggs, tomato ketchup, milk, custard – you name it. Tell me which you want, and I’ll make sure to have it, because if it’s something like custard I have to make it first before you arrive. Or maybe it’s yoghurt – tell me what flavour you want me to get.


Maybe you’d like some kinky watersports, or role play, or perhaps some BDSM. Here in my dungeon in Baker Street we can satisfy your wildest fantasies together. One thing that I can promise you is this: when you have spent an hour or two with me indulging in your favourite fetish, you will certainly be coming back for more.