Most people tend to nurture some sexual fantasy or the other. However, not everyone is able to explore those fantasies in their lives or even in their relationships. Diana Mistress does understand the excitement of role playing. That is why she loves fantasy role play London. However, there are also people who don’t know where to start. For them, here are a few simple role play ideas that they can begin with.

The Teacher and the Student

This is one of the most common fantasies enjoyed by people and they come in various forms. You may be the student in the scenario or the teacher. You may pretend to be a college student who is being seduced by a hot professor or a naughty student that deserves some punishment. In fact, there are quite a few scenarios to explore in this fantasy.

The Repairman

Here, you can be the repairman called to take care of some plumbing problems but find yourself taking care of the gorgeous lady instead. This fantasy is quite simple and easy to implement.

The Fireman

This is similar to the repairman scenario except that you will be the hot fireman who has come to rescue a maiden from distress.

 The Boss and the Employee

While workplace romances are not always appreciated, this is a scenario that you can try in the bedroom instead. You may be the evil boss that gives a lot of work to your employee or the hapless employee who is bullied by the boss.

The Doctor and the Nurse

This fantasy can also take on multiple forms. For example, you might be the patient who is being taken care of by the doctor or the nurse.

These are just some of the basic fantasies that you can try out. Moreover, Diana Mistress can easily make them come true.