Happy September, this is Diana, your aphrodisiac BDSM queen. I know about all your wild cravings and because of that I invite you to contact me for some pleasurable verbal humiliation and amorous bullying.

You heard me right ladies and gentlemen. So check your diary as I am available as your Central London Mistress

Meet Me At My Fantastic Dungeon For An Unhurried BDSM-Dom:

Before starting, let’s just utter collectively-‘Long Live BDSM’ and off-course me, your Empress of cross-dressing, lewd dominatrix and lustful PVCs.

  • CBT

Mediocre to Very Hard- it all depends on not your BUT MY MOOD. So get that right! I slap, twist, even pin ‘Your Thingy’ with pegs, whips, clamps and more of my concupiscent tools.

  • Bondage

I use ropes, cuffs and even duck tape to restrain you partially or completely. These sessions are hot, spicy as I get close…real close, even cling on your horny shivery body. To make things more uncontrollable, I even stuff my stockings or fingers into your mouth.

  • Edging and Control

Being a Pro-Domme, I would say this one’s all about control and staying hard and solid. Again to edge I bring my playfully inviting assets unimaginably close. Even hitting your face with by huge balls!

Depending on my mood, I talk dirty, whisper vilely. Don’t expect me to be nice. I am dirty and I will make you bust your chops to explode.

  • Tie and Tease

If you are first-timer, I would cut you some slack. It’s not intense BDSM bondage, rather about sensuality which mind you is another specialty of mine!  I will touch your bone with gloves, sliding ice cubes down your spine, heating your body using my busts. I stroke hard… and fast much like poetic licentiousness.

These are just a sneak-peak at what I can offer. Come to my lair. Captivate yourself. Allow me to live out your wildest dreams. Remember my name- Diana Mistress

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