Congratulations! You have decided to enter the world of kinks and domination. Orgasm control is a sexy and fun way to experiment with power exchange in the bedroom. It is a versatile type of play and the experience can range from mild to very intense and intimate. This play simply means that one person assumes total control over when the other person cums. Personally, I, Diana Mistress, love wielding this power.

Explore the Pleasure Possibilities of Orgasm Control with Me

Orgasm control involves tie and tease, restraining and the total surrendering of control. When you come to me to play, I might restrain you so that they cannot do anything for yourself whilst I tease and stimulate you. But, no matter how aroused you feel, you are not allowed to cum without my permission. This game gives me a sense of immense control and power over my submissive, but also enhances pleasure for my sub.

If you ask me, orgasm control is the ultimate way to feel vulnerable in the bedroom. Also, I assure you that when I do give you permission to cum, the orgasm is going to be so much more intense that waves of pleasure will ripple through every inch of your body.

Sometimes, I like to play up the element of control and when I realise that my sub is about to cum, I order him to cum for me. I may incorporate dirty talking, fierce eye contact or even praising for following my orders perfectly. For submissives who enjoy being humiliated, I force them to cum without my permission and once they have done that, I subject them to punishments. There are times when I make them earn the right to cum, which might be begging me or doing things to me that I want to be done.

The level of vulnerability involved in orgasm play is what makes this experience so intimate and pleasurable. I am one of the few mistresses in central London who has mastered every aspect of BDSM and can indulge your kinks in a safe environment. If you want me to play with you, I am available for incalls, as well as, outcalls. Just call me and tell me what you like. I can combine orgasm control with sensory deprivation, bondage and even abuse. I promise to bring to life your deepest desires discreetly and confidentially.