London’s premier dominatrix

Diana Mistress has been spanking, paddling and binding men for many years. After years of encountering wonderful and weird fetishes, roleplaying myriad erotic scenarios and fulfiling the kinkiest of desires, I have learned that there are certain things that genuinely excites me. For me, the perfect playmate would be someone who is imaginative, adventurous and generous. If you want to be my favourite, I will give you a few tips.

Make a little noise

I enjoy when my clients make noises. It can be gentle cooing or primal grunting. This tells me if they are enjoying the personalised punishment that I am subjecting them to. I absolutely love it when my clients are expressive as that gives me the enthusiasm to keep pushing forward. Also, it motivates me to put them to test and make them go through more stern and severe punishments. So, if you want to make noise when with me, go ahead. However, if I have asked you not to make a noise, you must obey my command.

Be shameless

As London’s premier dominatrix, I am non-judgemental. My dungeon is a safe space where you can be utterly shameless. You can tell me your kinkiest and most perverse desires and fantasies. In my dungeon, you are not allowed to feel ashamed of your thoughts, body or anything of that sort. You just have to be honest and open up about your urges and desires that you have been suppressing for so long. I assure you that once you become shameless, you will have the most amazing experience with me.

Touch yourself

I enjoy a good show. You know that you are not good enough to have sex with me and you will never be. You will always be my submissive, a person who is beneath me. I will only be hurling humiliation at you and you have to be satisfied with the fact that I have agreed to see you. But, you can impress me by showing me how you touch yourself. You can put up a show for me and I might consider giving you a special treatment. I might torture you more.

So, the next time that you meet me, remember to be shamelessly honest. You can come to my private dungeon or invite me to your place. I am looking forward to a kinky and creative relationship with you.