Do you fancy being tied and teased? This is a form of light domination and extremely exciting. I, Diana Mistress, meet a lot of people who love being teased and giving me control of their pleasure. It makes their orgasm last longer. I bring my clients to the edge or point of orgasm, but stop them from continuing. It makes them mad with lust. But, he is able to last longer. Meet me in my dungeon or in your private residence for some tie and tease fun in London.

I Have an Array of Restraints

I, Diana Mistress, have everything that is needed for a tie and tease session in London. My wardrobe is full of restraints and bondage that I will use on you. From soft, silk ties and scarves to handcuffs, belts and ropes, just tell me what you want and I will make the arrangements. If you like it gentle, we can use the silk ties; but, if you do not mind a little rough play, we can use handcuffs, ropes or belts. Once you are tied, I will have complete control over you. I may even blindfold you to heighten the experience.

Surrender to My Sensual Charms for a Tingling Experience

To truly enjoy tie and tease in London, you have to be prepared to give up control. You have to let me take charge. I will restrain your hands and legs, and blindfold you so that the other senses of your body become active like, touch and smell. I might get ice cubes and run them down your warm body or I may even climb on top of you and rub my perfectly shaped body against your naked skin. You might be able to feel my warm breath on your neck and my hands near your genitals. With caresses and strokes, I will arouse your body and tease you until you are on the edge of orgasm. But, you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. I will rock you back and forth, and if you obey, I might let you cum all over me.

The beauty of a tie and tease session with me is that you will not know what is coming next. It is the unpredictability and your vulnerability that makes this form of light domination exciting and fun. Why not meet me to have some fun? Call me!