BDSM London

The release of Fifty Shades of Grey gave people the false impression that they know everything that there is to know about BDSM. But, the movie is not a genuine representation of what actually goes on in the world of kinks, fetishes and domination. Being an experienced dominatrix escort in London, I, Diana Mistress, sincerely urge amateurs to not try domination on their own. It can get dangerous if you do not know how to tie the knot properly around the wrists or the legs. There’s the chance that you might end up hurting your partner.

When you are starting out in the world of BDSM, it is always best to meet a professional domme like me. I have a dungeon dedicated to BDSM where I entertain my customers or you could say, subs. Also, I sometimes visit my subs in their apartment, home or hotel suite. But, let’s say you come to my dungeon. You will find that the dungeon is properly equipped with all the sex and BDSM toys that are needed to play out different scenes. As I have been a domme for several years now, I have an idea of what customers want, even if they cannot put it in words.

When a beginner or newbie meets me, I typically start with an introductory session where we get to know each other. I ask personal questions to understand the needs, wants, secret fantasies and desires of the sub. I also try to gauge if the sub has any idea about BDSM at all or he has simply been inspired by a film or after watching a video. This is important because if you’ve just liked watching something, it doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy it when the same things are done with you. One of the reasons why I always start slow with my amateur subs who have come to explore the world of domination and submission.

By starting slow, I don’t mean any less pleasure. I simply try to put them through various experienced to judge how much pain they’re capable of enduring or enjoying. Light BDSM is the first step and it is perfect for beginners. This is where I introduce light spanking, flogging and whipping. If the sub enjoys it, I move on to tying his hands and legs, and teasing him so that he can take pleasure in the weight. I make use of handcuffs, scarves or silk ties to tie his hands or legs. But, I am always careful not to physically harm my subs. It has taken me years to learn the proper technique of bondage that only gives pleasure and no bruises on the skin.

Blindfolding is also a part of tying and teasing my subs. If they can successfully live through such pleasurable torture and wish to try something else, I help them graduate to level 2, which is mild BDSM. Here, I put them through orgasm control, sensation play and also explore their other fetishes like, foot worship, golden shower, fantasy roleplaying and so on. The spanking is no more light in this level, but as mentioned, my experience ensures that I spank just enough to cause a sting and thud, but never bruises or cuts. The bruises are usually reserved for those looking to explore intense BDSM.

Intense BDSM is for advanced players who already have experience in the world of kinks and who know that they are hardcore subs. For them, pain is pleasure and without pain, they cannot get hard. For them, I have special floggers, whips, paddles, ball gags, mouth gags and so on. I can make the session as intense as possible, depending on the sub’s requests. At this stage, I also engage in pegging if the sub is looking to experience my ultimate domination on him.

No matter what happens inside my dungeon or in your hotel room, you can be assured that you will be safe. I have specifically trained in BDSM and my sessions never start without a safe word. I listen to what my subs expect of me and make sure that they get pleasure and pain, without getting hurt or bleeding.